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My name is Manuela Schmidt, Lighting & Compositing Technical Director, 2D/3D artist in many areas of the pre- and post-production process. 


My experience extends to 10+ years in film, commercials, TV productions and design. I am trained and have worked on a multitude of projects, involving 2D animation and graphic design, as well as every aspect of the 3D pipeline, in example layout, previz, modeling, texturing, look dev, rigging, animation, lighting, particle fx and compositing. My specialization lies in photo-realistic lighting and compositing for the film industry.


I am a positive, versatile, proactive and problem solving artist with a social personality. I am somewhat of a perfectionist with a can-do attitude even under the tightest deadlines.


An innovative, creative and team oriented environment is where I feel most comfortable in. I love movies, photography, sculpting, reading through design magazines, but I also have a huge passion for traveling, spending quality time in the company of friends & family, and anything outdoorsy  ;)



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